Odysseus Conseil
IT Transformation Management
Inventing tomorrow with your tools

Odysseus Conseil Core Competences

  • Data Integrity, Governance & Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Process Optimisation
  • Creation of value
  • Product Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Time to Market Product Development
  • Technical Project & Transition Management

Technical Competences

  • Telecom Managed portfolio of products and services
  • CTI technology
  • Networking infrastructure and routing
  • ToIP

Transformation Methodology

The transformation is driven by your business targets in order to:

  • bring more value into your business,
  • create value where you don’t make any,
  • identify future sources of value for your business,
  • enhance agile ways to communicate internally to boost creativity & Innovation Project Quality Standards: PMI, ITIL, Agile

What about Odysseus Conseil methodology to drive your business transformation towards success?

The key of success lies in the right architecture and sizing of your whole Information System. This depends on all your different business workflows. Only the ones who create value must be considered, and it is essential to maintain a constant flow of accurate data in and out. These data are aimed at helping you take the right decisions and bring your company closer to your customers.

Example of a value driven organisation: The Customer-Centric Contact Centre of BT Europe, Amsterdam 2000.

How to manage Data efficiently?

Data is the key asset to drive your business transformation towards success. Business data and customer data. Odysseus Conseil can help you combining both efficiently, following some quality standards like:

  • Data Integrity or consistency, maintained via tools &systems
  • Data Governance, it is about creating frameworks to have Business&IT work together
  • Data Management, ultimate process to bring value to the company

To put it in a nutshell, Odysseus Conseil is your Partner for Success !

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